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Captain Janeway
Born in October 2000, Janeway was found dining at a Wendy's restaurant...not inside the restaurant, but near the dumpster at the back. She now enjoys the life of a spoiled and loved indoor kitty. Her favorite passtime is attacking and killing rolls of toilet paper and paper towels.


Lovecraft the Love Cat
Lovecraft loves laps. He could sleep in a person's lap for hours and often does. To deny him this pleasures is to earn his nasty stare. An affectionate cat, he enjoys bathing and cuddling with his adopted cat-brother, Kubrick. He was named for the author H. P. Lovecraft; however, his name has now come to symbolize his loving personality. His other hobby is sleeping.


Kubrick has claw control problems. He can barely walk across a couch or bed without getting a claw stuck in the fabric. He also can't help digging into human flesh while climbing into a human's lap! Kubrick was named for a brilliant film-maker, though the kitty version has probably never even been to a movie. Contributed by Janeway's, Lovecraft's and Kubrick's Daddy